Toast w butter / Berry jam / Vegemite / Honey / Nut butter 5

Toasted banana bread 4.5

Fruit n Nut toast with butter & Jam 6
+ ricotta & honey 9

Housemade granola with seasonal fruit and yoghurt 11.50

Ham & cheese croissant 6.50

1. Soft boiled egg
2. Heirloom tomato
3. Avocado
on/ a slice of Sourdough toast 8

Leafy greens bowl 8


Extra slice of Sourdough // Gluten free toast // ricotta// tomato 2

Egg // Feta 3

Double smoked leg ham // smoked salmon // avocado 4


Poached Chicken, almond, celery, house mayonaise 9

Marinated fetta, olives, tomato and balsamic 9.5

Meat & cheese toastie 8

Jarlsberg cheese, avocado & tomato toastie 8

Sandwich of the month 10





Gabriel coffee 3.5/4

Mocha or Hot chocolate 4/4.5

Sticky Chai 4/4.5

Tippity Tea 4
English Breakfast
Earl Grey
Double Mint


Soy milk, double shot +0.5

Almond milk +1

Fresh Juice Orange, grapefruit 6.5
( Until 2pm )

Coconut water/ Sparkling water 4.5

Still water 3.5

Iced Coffee or Chocolate 5.5




STONE-Ground blend

The classic sourdough, made with stone ground certified organic unbleached and wholewheat flour. Robust in flavor with an old world texture and crust.

Whole Light Rye

A great loaf of flavour and texture. The light rye is a full of nutrients and an extremely healthy option

Country Grain

Based on the stone-ground blend with soaked seven grain mix packed full of the goodness of whole and kibbled grains

Folded Olive

Two different varieties of olives combined within this loaf gives a whole lot of flavor and texture.

100% Pure Rye Tin

This rye loaf is dark, dense and pure goodness. It has a rich hearty taste, complex nutty flavours and a moist and chewy texture


Our signature loaf and most popular among our customers. Light, white with a hint of sourdough and soft texture. The perfect entry level sourdough.

City Soy & Linseed

Based on the city white with the added nutrition of whole linseeds and soy protein. Creating a light nutty flavour and a rich source of Omega 3.

Turkish Pride

Sydney’s best Turkish bread covered in sesame seeds


Simple white dough made with polish and olive oil, dusted with semolina and flour. A flat and crusty loaf great for tasting platters or Panini style sandwiches.

Slim Tim

Traditional style tin loaf





Classic Financier

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Orange & Almond Tart

Lemon Meringue Tart


Gluten free or Salted Caramel


Lamb & Pea, Beef & Mushroom, Vegetarian, Chicken & Mushroom

Spinach & Ricotta Roll

Beef Sausage Roll

Pumpkin Chickpea and Feta Roll




Pain au Chocolat

Pain au Raisin

Almond Crossiant

Seasonal Fruit Patisserie

Cinnamon Scroll


*Prices and menu items may very between Infinity Bakery locations.