We have been creating beautiful baked goods from simple ingredients since the 90’s. Everything we do is touched by a pair of hands, helping create and recreate the Infinity story.



Its not just about the final product its the journey to get there, we use local produce and organic ingredients, helped each day by people from all parts of the world.  One key ingredient that creates our unique flavour comes from the fermentation process, which can be from 14 - 24hrs long depending on the bread we are making. This process pulls a whole lot of goodness out of simple grains and is good for you (and your gut)! All this helps make our bread taste delicious and of course one-of-a-kind!



Making great bread is in our bones but their is a love of the naughty side of things. From our croissants, a crunchy shell holding the folded goodness of butter to our pies full of chunky beef and held tightly by a buttery pastry. We create our eclectic range products with one essential requirement make sure they taste ‘bloody good’. Keeping it simple and delicious (with our usual Kings Cross flare) is how we introduce any new person into the Infinity family, particularly the pastry team!